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Build your future with Swifty and let's make a greater impact to millions of Malaysians, together.

The Story

Swifty was launched on Sept 2021 as an iniative to help Malaysians who were affected by Covid financially. It is really sad to see students needing to work til late night just to pay for their tuition fees, E-hailing drivers working as early as 6am and those working multiple jobs just to feed their families.

We're here to change that.

Meanwhile, for the majority of Malaysians, hiring services can be considered as stressful and worrisome. Too many news of scams where vendors provide unsatisfactory job quality or just refuse to complete a job with no signs of refund.

With Swifty, you're able to hire over 100+ categories of local services instantly with ease. When you hire local, you're helping fellow Malaysians earn while boosting the economy at the same time.

The Culture

Started with just 2 people (the co-founders), we've learnt to do almost everything ourselves. Made countless mistakes but gained tons of insights and experience along the way. So we came up with this 5 core cultures that will help us grow Swifty to 100,000 users, create a positive impact to Malaysian everyday lives and expand to Jakarta and Singapore within the next 12 months.

Ideas, solutions & feedbacks are constantly valued. Each one matters, lead with why, make it count, own it.

Make mistakes, learn and adapt. Don't be scared of failures.

Workspace diversity among race, ethnicity, age, nationality, gender and capabilities is how will we stay align to our goals constantly.

As a startup, execution speed is key. We move really quick in generating strategies and executing it. That's how we become the best.

We cherish great people in the team. Those constantly wanting to upskill, contribute and willing to step out of their comfort zone.

Our Hiring Process

Step 1
Apply for your preferred position and submit your details & resume

Step 2
Swifty will Whatsapp/email shortlisted candidates with a Zoom link for the first round of interview

Step 3
A psychometric online test will be provided to next shortlisted candidates

Step 4
A final interview will be conducted (virtual/physical) and if succeed, we will send an offer letter

Benefits Offered

Health Insurance

Dental Claim

1 day off menstrual pain or burn out

Work from home 2022
*2 weekly physical meeting is required

Annual Performance Bonus

Multiple Allowance

Macbook Provided

And many more..